First Wednesday evening of each month  (6:30-8:30 PM) at Sorenson Unity Center  1383 South, 900 West                             Salt Lake City, UT 84114

June 6, 2018.  Junko Fowles:                      Financial Issues for Prostate Cancer Patients: Help For You. Ms. Fowles is the supervisor of financial counselors at Huntsman Cancer Inst.                      

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm for about two hours. Up-to-date information is presented by experts from a range of professions, such as: Urology, Radiology, Oncology, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Psychology, Social Work, etc.

Topics might be: the latest information on PSA testing; information on when and when not to get treatment; choice of treatments; the physical & emotional aftereffects of treatment.

After the presentation, men and families can raise issues about their own process of diagnosis, choice of treatment, struggles with a side effect, etc. These discussions are open & confidential as we want our members to feel comfortable telling their story.


May 2  Open Discussion

April 4  Jordan Rullo, PhD.                Prostate Cancer Does Not Take Away Your Sexuality

March 7  Bryan Haycock, PhD.                   The Role of Dietary Supplements in           Cancer Prevention and Management         

Feb. 7  Bonnie Butler, PT                      Incontinence: Stregthening the                    Pelvic Floor                                   

Jan. 3, 2018. Dr. George Middleton, M. D.       Causes and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction                                  

Dec. 6, 2017  Dr. Nitin B. Chandramouli,        Utah Cancer Specialists                              Current State of Treatment for Advanced     Prostate Cancer

Nov. 1.  Dr. Orrenzo Snyder, M. D.                Summit Urology                                      Prostate Cancer and Bladder Outlet Obstruction

Oct. 4. Dr. Rulon Hardman, M.D., Ph. D.       Targeted Prostate Biopsy with MRI

Sept. 6. John Cooper                                    Chaplain at Huntsman Cancer Hosp.
Spirituality and Cancer

Aug. 2. Group Discussion: What should I know for my son/brother/friend/ neighbor who asks about prostate cancer?

July 12. Annual Picnic

June 7th. Dr. Benjamin Maughan,                Medical Oncologist, HCI                          Molecular Diagnostics

May 3rd. Dr. Peter Fisher, Urologist,             Summit Urology                                        Prostate Cancer in the Community

April 5th.   Katie Barker, Nutritionist, HCI Nutrition and Prostate Cancer